It Is A Financial Agreement Between An Insurance Company And An Individual Or Group For The Payment

Credit accident and health (group and individual) – the coverage provided or offered to borrowers as part of a consumer credit transaction that uses the product to repay a debt or installment loan in the event of an impediment to the consumer as a result of an accident, including a transaction not exceeding 120 months. Provider Sponsored Network (PSN) – Formal vendor affiliations, sometimes referred to as „integrated delivery systems,” are organized and operated in order to provide an integrated network of healthcare providers that allows third parties, such as insurance companies, HMOs, or other health plan companies, to underwrite health services to insured individuals. Some integration models include medical hospital organizations, management service organizations, group practices without walls, medical foundations, and healthcare provider cooperatives. Collar – an agreement to obtain payments as a buyer of one option, cap or Floor and make payments as a seller of another option, cap or Floor. Risk – uncertainty as to the possibility of a loss due to a risk for which insurance is taken out. Premium – The money calculated for insurance coverage reflects the expectation of loss. Structured accounts – periodic fixed payments to an applicant for a specified period or for life for the payment of a debt. Independent contractor – a person who is not employed for a company, but who works for himself to provide goods or services to customers for a fee. Commercial Auto – coverage for motor vehicles owned by a commercial enterprise that protects the insured against financial losses resulting from legal liability in the event of a violation of the car or damage to the property of others caused by accidents resulting from the ownership, maintenance, use or maintenance and control of a motor vehicle.

These include combinations of commercial cars of business car, garage, truck driver and/or other commercial cars. Medigap – private health insurance products complementary to Medicare insurance benefits. Loss reserves – an estimate of liability or provision in an insurer`s financial statements that indicates the amount expected by the insurer for damage suffered but not yet reported or declared that has not been paid. Extra Expense Insurance – a kind of non-life insurance for exceptional expenses related to service interruptions as a backup generator in case of power failure. Accidental death and dismemberment – an insurance contract that pays an indicated benefit in the event of death and / or dismemberment due to an accident or certain types of accidents. In order to improve awareness and improvement of health facilities, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India and the General Corporation of India conduct health campaigns for the entire population. . . .

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