Cardmember Agreement Uob

Loss includes claims, actions, losses, damages, claims, liabilities and costs of any kind. Mobile Services are banking services and/or products that we offer from time to time via a mobile device that allows you to access your accounts and/or carry out banking and/or other transactions electronically. Beneficiary companies shall mean any merchant, institution, billing entity or relevant party whose invoices may be paid by the use of a card. Personal Internet banking means personal Internet banking services and/or products that we offer from time to time via devices that allow you to access your account(s) and/or carry out banking and/or other transactions electronically. PIN means the password, login ID, PIN (personal identification number), cin (customer identification number consisting of an access code and PIN code), electronic identification signature or codes given to you or the authorized person to confirm your or the identity of the authorized person or to select them. The primary cardholder designates the primary member of the card account. S$ or SGD currently stands for singapore`s legal tender. The Services are related to any services we offer you today or in the future, including automatic card services, payment services, call centre services, electronic or personal Internet banking or mobile services. Add-on card: the card issued to a person that you authorize and that we approve as an additional cardholder on your card account. The holder of an additional card is a person to whom we put an additional card.

USD means the US dollar, for now the legal tender of the United States of America. we/us/us/the Bank means United Overseas Bank Limited and includes its successors and assignees. You/she refer yourself to the main cardholder and/or the add-on cardholder. Our rights under this Agreement apply without prejudice to other rights and remedies available to us by law or under any other agreement or understanding between us. The Account refers to any account you have with us now or in this context and any account used for the purposes of the Services and from which the funds may be used for the use of the Services, whether the Account is opened easily or jointly. An ATM means an ATM or ATM that accepts the card. AUD stands for Australian dollar, currently the legal tender of Australia. Authorized Person means a person (either alone or in collaboration with another person/person) that you authorize and that we have authorized to act for or on your behalf, to give instructions, execute or sign documents or to manage your Card account. The card account refers to each account in relation to the card. Card means any credit card that we have issued, including a personal card, a companion card, a personal corporate card or a corporate card and the replacement or renewal of any of these cards or others, which we say from time to time. If this card is scanned, recorded and stored electronically in mobile wallets as part of mobile services, the card also refers to this card, which is stored electronically in a mobile wallet.

Payment: the service in which cash is issued or withdrawn in Singapore dollars through the electronic transfer system at the point of sale of a reseller`s point-of-sale terminal (with NETS functionality) or nets terminal, with the use of a NETS feature card linked to a current account or savings account at the bank, subject to the completion of a prior point-of-sale transaction with this card at the point-of-sale terminal of this Händl ers (with NETS functionality) or the NETS terminal. Such cash issued or withdrawn is subject to the net daily default limit and such conditions as the bank may impose from time to time. This service is only available in Singapore….

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