Bursa Announcement Shareholders Agreement

The directors appointed by agrocloud`s shareholders are as follows: we refer to your company`s communication of 28 September 2020 regarding the aforementioned issue. We refer to our communication of 28 September 2020 („Communication”) and bursa Securities` question of 30 September 2020 („Bursa Query”). Unless otherwise stated, the terms used in this ad have defined the same meaning as in the ad. Q1 The possible share capital of Agrocloud Sdn Bhd („Agrocloud”) It is expected to start by October 2020 and is expected to be finalized by September 2021. Q 2 KAG`s total capital and capital expenditure in Agrocloud, its sources of financing and its breakdown. Cc: Market Surveillance Dept., Securities Commission (by fax) Once the share transfer is complete, the share capital issued by Agrocloud RM1.051.000 will increase. The estimated development costs for the pilot project are as follows: Q3 Expected start and completion dates of the pilot. Please notify Bursa Securities of your response within one (1) trading day from the date of this publication. In this context, please provide Bursa Securities with the following additional information for publication: – KAG invests RM1,000,000 (Ringgit Malaysia One Million Only) in Agrocloud from internally generated funds. We would like to provide the following additional information that Bursa Securities needs as per the Bursa request:.

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