Boat Charter Agreement Contract

CHARTERER: (hereinafter referred to as the charterer) for the chartering of the vessel described below. * However, if, contrary to force majeure, the delivery has not been made by the owner within the aforementioned period, the charterer is entitled to treat this contract as rejected by the OWNER and to claim the full charter costs he pays. * All customs operations or other goods that may be on board the yacht are cleared by customs before being disembarked. When the charterer or its customers commit an offence contrary to the laws and regulations of a country and which results in the arrest, imprisonment or detention of a member of the crew or crew or yacht, the charterer releases the owner from any loss, damage and cost incurred by the owner, and the OWNER may immediately terminate this contract by notification to the charterer. Master`s Authority: The owner shall ensure that the master gives the charterer the same attention as if the charterer to whom the owner and the master comply with all appropriate orders given to him by the charterer in terms of the management, operation and movement of the yacht, wind, weather and other conditions. However, the master is not required to comply with an injunction which, according to the master, could lead the yacht to move to a port or place that is not safe and appropriate for him, or could lead the charterer not to issue the yacht again at the end of the charter period.

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