Travel Agency And Hotel Agreement

WebHotelier`s B2B contract service is fully compatible with our Payment Assistant Manager (PAM) tool, which allows you to accept online payments and complete the process effortlessly without having to manually enter travel agency credit card data into your systems. Travel agencies can pay online for all new bookings with their special price lists (in accordance with your hotel`s agreement with each of them), saving valuable time for both parties and providing better service to their end customers. The company provides the Agency with a non-exclusive license to provide the company`s services and accommodations as part of vacation and travel packages. In order to better understand the dynamism and aspirations of each tour operator regarding our hotel, we should first ask some key questions. These questions, in addition to the necessary and useful information on future cooperation, make a clear statement to the tour operator that the hotel is made up of people who have an in-depth knowledge of the industry. At the same time, they manage to strengthen the position of hoteliers against several requests from the other party. The parties agree not to transfer or sell this agreement without the prior written consent of the party requesting such measures. I have exclusive partnerships in different countries, with certain agencies. How can I protect these agreements, since travel agencies now receive immediate prices and availability via B2B Contracting by WebHotelier? It is a fact that the structure of tourism has changed and will change even more in the years to come. Tour operators have always been and will be very important players on the way to hotels and resorts, but the trend is now downward and many partnerships also involve risks of organizations that seem to be stable and reliable.

The solution is unique for everyone and involves more work dispersion, more focus on the online part, which has caused the most important problems for tour operators, with an emphasis on marketing (online and offline) and concept design for each hotel. This does not mean that tour operators should be excluded, but it is important to ensure that the course of a hotel does not depend on the financial situation of one or more tour operators. At the same time, the loss of dependence on tour operators deprives them of the advantage of negotiating for lower prices. For more information about B2B Contracting and for the activation of your hotel`s service, you can contact WebHotelier on 30 210 8981910 or send an email to The company remains the rightful owner of all securities, rights and interests of the property as well as any material made available for the conclusion of this agreement.

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