Nsgeu Collective Agreement Local 73

(a) any person employed by or succeeding one of the following or successor employers who is subject to a collective agreement between that employer and the specified bargaining partner or successor: . Unifor, Local 4606 (Nursing, Client Care and Support Services) The Twin Oaks Senior Citizens Association, The Birches The following regulations are not yet in force and are not included in the current consolidation: Her Majesty the Queen in the right of the Province of Nova Scotia, represented by the Utilities Commission. Note: Only regulations that have been expressly repealed and replaced are shown in this table. It may not reflect the entire history of the regulations. Inverness County Municipal Housing Corporation, owner of the Pere Fiset Home . NSNU, Shoreham Village Senior Citizens Local Association 1 These rules can be cited as general rules for the sustainability of public services. . Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options . . . NSNU, Ivey`s Terrace Nursing Home (Trenton) Local . . .

NSNU, St. Anne`s Community and Local Care Centre . . . Nova Scotia Community College Academic Union, Community College Local (Faculty) . Quest – A society for adult support and rehabilitation. . `law`, the Public Services Sustainability Act (2015); (c) a person who, in the definition of „public sector worker,” is included in one of the 3 (i) to viii sub-clauses of the act, but who is not represented by a bargaining partner.

See paragraph 3, paragraph 6, of the Ordinance Act for the effective date provisions of the regulations . . . NSNU, R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home Corporation Local Annapolis County Municipal Housing Corporation Adult Residential Centre and Supervised Apartments . Musquodoboit Valley Home for Special Care Association (Braeside) Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority (APSEA) . The MacGillivray Guest Home Owned and Operated by Ronald C. MacGillivray Guest Home Society Nova Scotia Council of Health Administrative Professional Unions . Their committee exchanged proposals with the employer on March 7, 2016 and met with the employer on October 5 and 6, 2016, April 20 and 21 and October 18 and 19, 2017.

Other appointments are scheduled for December 6 and 7. „SEIU,” the Employees International Union service; Nova Scotia Nurses` Union, Hillside Pines Home for Special Care Local As you probably know, this round of negotiations has been unique and difficult for the NSGEU. Given the threat of wage moderation caused by Bill 148, the NSTU dispute and the closure of regular school hours, it was particularly difficult to set dates for meetings with the employer at the bargaining table. The current consolidation of public services sustainability General Regulations made under the Public Services Sustainability (2015) Act includes all the following regulations: . Canadian Mental Health Association, Kings County Branch . . . .

Halifax Transition House Association (Bryony House) . . . . This is me. 178/2017, 122/2018, 177/2018, 50/2019, 134/2019 . PSAC, the Public Service Alliance of Canada; Eastern Mainland Housing Authority, the body set up by the Governor of the Council by Decision of Council 97-183 of March 11, 1997, pursuant to Section 24 of the Housing Act; Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada, Nova Scotia Branch NSNU, High-Crest Home for Special Care (Springhill) Local NSNU, Shannex Clinical Services Limited, Blomidon Court (Greenwich) Local NSNU, Ronald C. McGilray Guest Home Society (the MacGilrayliv Guest Home) Local . Please note that this table of materials is provided as a reference and is not part of the regulations.

Click here to go to the text of the regulations. Shannex Health Care Management Limited, regarding Cedarstone Enhanced Care . . . „NSGEU,” the Nova Scotia government employees` union; Lunenburg Home for Special Care Corporation, operated as Harbour View Haven.

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