Miami Dade Berklee Agreement

Explore transfer agreements by source or destination. Choose and follow you to save lessons, fees and time until you graduate. Miami Dade students who want to travel to Berklee must go through a formal admission procedure. Students admitted to Berklee receive courses transferred to Miami Dade under an agreement between the two schools. Total transfer credits possible with the agreement: 64 Credits More information about free arts courses at Berklee. Students who pass the Bachelor of Music at The Berklee College of Music must obtain at least 39 free arts credits and can use six liberal art credits (two courses) as general election credits. Students in berklee`s vocational training program can use up to 12 liberal art credits (four courses) as general election credits. . At Lycoming, we want your transfer process to be as smooth as possible. Our transfer credit database contains course equivalencies from a number of institutions whose students have recently transferred. If your university or university is not represented in our database, please contact our transfer coordinator to arrange an unofficial credit assessment. While the final equivalence of transfer courses is assessed and established by the college registrar, this system helps you plan your way to WARRIOR.

For more information on price valuation, see our credit policy on transfers. . Choose from the list of colleges and universities below to find out which course can be transferred to lycoming College. . This program allows students to begin their musical training at Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida, and earn a bachelor`s degree at the Berklee in Boston. After being admitted to Berklee, students may be enrolled in transfer for certain courses in Miami Dade. Visit the Miami Dade website to learn more about how to get a transfer to Berklee. Note that other courses at the University of Miami Dade will meet the requirements of the free arts. Potential transfer credits in the sets: six Credits Core Music Courses (potential transfer credits – 20) I`ve been playing guitar for 13 years, and I`ve received 5 major awards.

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