Eu Fisheries Agreement Morocco

The geographical scope of the VPA is disputed; its extension to the waters of Western Sahara is considered by many to be a violation of international law. [2] Since 1975, Morocco has occupied most of Western Sahara[3] and controls the waters off the territory. As Moroccan stocks are largely depleted, most of the fishing is now taking place off the coast of Western Sahara. [4] The European Parliament`s resolution on the EU-Morocco agreement, adopted in January 2019, states that during this consultation, „the majority of the parties expressed the socio-economic benefits that the proposed tariff preferences would bring”. (paragraph 11). It states that „reasonable and achievable measures have been taken to inquire about the agreement of the population concerned by these inclusive consultations” (paragraph 8), but also states that „the [ECJ] has not specified in its judgment how the public`s agreement should be expressed… With regard to this criterion, there remains some uncertainty” (paragraph 12). However, the resolution asserts forcefully that „this agreement does not imply any form of recognition of Morocco`s sovereignty over Western Sahara.” (paragraph 5). As you know, the ECJ has decided that trade agreements between the EU and Morocco have no legal basis for Western Sahara, a non-autonomous territory over which Morocco has no recognised sovereignty; it also noted that trade agreements with Morocco, if they were to apply to Western Sahara, required the agreement of its people. The Tribunal noted that this requirement applied „without the need to ascertain whether such implementation may harm or, on the contrary, benefit the third party.” (paragraph 106) In accordance with Article 2, point a), of the agreement, EU fishing can take place in „waters under the sovereignty or jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Morocco,” as defined in all previous agreements. It is therefore not limited to the area under the direct sovereignty of the Moroccan authorities, but encompasses other territories under their jurisdiction. B for example, their exclusive economic zone, but also the waters of Western Sahara. As such, the agreement does not explicitly include or exclude the waters of Western Sahara.

The agreement is less ambitious than its predecessors, both in terms of financial contribution and number of licences and pelagic species.

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