University Of The Fraser Valley Collective Agreement

Occupational allowance (reference to collective agreements: item 37.7): request until 31 May to claim charges incurred in the previous year. The UFV is cooperating with the Post-Secondary Employers Association (PSEA) to ensure that the negotiated agreement is in line with the mandate for sustainable services. The Sustainable Services Bargaining Mandate applies to all public service employers with unionized workers whose collective agreements expire on December 31, 2018 or after December 31, 2018. Resignation (collective agreement note: Section 26.3.1): A permanent worker or a full-time employee may terminate in writing the OC President from any appointment with a period of at least two months. The resignation will take effect on June 30 after notification of the resignation is filed or the deadline for appointment expires, with the nearest date chosen, unless an earlier date is acceptable to both parties. The collective agreement between the faculty and the Staff Association (FSA), which represents faculty and staff at all campus sites, and the university expired on March 31, 2019. The parties will begin negotiations for a renewed collective agreement on February 21, 2020. Annual reports (collective agreement: section 21.1.1): for reappointed members, annual reports for the previous calendar year are submitted to the designated supervisory authority by May 15. A designated superior who wishes to use a faculty member`s annual report as part of a summary assessment must meet with the staff member by June 15. The worker is entitled to union representation at such a meeting.

Term staff are not required to submit an annual report. Assignment of tasks for the doctrine of teaching (section 18.1.3 of the collective agreement): until 31 May, where possible. Conditional (Clause 15.3): The AMT informs workers in writing of the success of the trial period no later than two months before the end of their trial period. A worker who is not notified within the specified time frame is considered to be on duty.

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