U Haul Transload Agreement

my brother rented a Uhal to move 3 miles and made about 4 trips. they tried to calculate an additional 150 for fuel and other crap. He did not pay for it. Uhaul is a scam. And U-haul has an excellent offer for all customers who rent a disposable truck. 1 month of free space! Honestly, that`s a lot. You`re the one who`s got the tone. We offer 1 month of free storage space if you come to the place where you are just going to rent from us. That`s very honest. It gives you time to find a new place and move in at your own pace. without having to pay for storage.

and U-Haul knows that some of the people who have a month off will take more time and prefer to pay the higher storage costs at U-Haul rather than move to a cheaper warehouse. It`s good for you and it`s good for U-Haul. But what if you walk 1 day on your 1 month and you don`t have the money for storage? U-Haul puts a padlock on the device and tells you you can`t get your stuff out. So you have to save money to pay for 1 month of storage, not its not pro-rated, you spend 1 day and you need 1 full month. So now while you`re trying to find this new job and live in your empty home. They`re going to keep renting you and holding your stuff hostage. And if you don`t pay soon. They`re going to sell all your stuff at auction.

Every time I rent a U-Haul Truck, I swear it`s the last time. Last year, I rented a new U-Haul truck for a steering. It was okay, but there were several problems. I was worried because I didn`t pay for the insurance. The next time I rented, there was a move on site, so I went to the U-Haul dealership at Augusta GA, near the mall on Wrightsboro Road. They had a new truck in front of me when I arrived, so I jumped for insurance, just in case. They liked to sell me worthless politics, and then I saw the new truck move away, and the worst piece of garbage 15 years old and more dangerous was rolling. I do kid you, every plate on the whole truck had a small „X” sticker on them telling them it`s already been destroyed there. I tried to drop the insurance and, of course, they said, „I`m sorry, we`ve already billed your card.” The site is also filled with rude and untreated employees.

I have to use U-Haul to rent trailers, because they bought their only Jartran contest a few years ago. From now on, I will always try to rent a PENSKE truck. These are largely safer and newer vehicles. U em transport engines until they fall. I work as an owner for an independent Uhaul franchise. I know how incompetent Uhaul is because I have to catch up with him all the time. I get reservations at my store if it is obvious that my fleet cannot cover them. The whole point of the Uhaul Webbest network is to offer a better service… but it`s more messy.

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