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The three fantasies of the Little Town (The Secret Talents, The Path to RelAxAtion and The LiArs` Lair) by the small-town novelist, Nancy Naigle, were also part of Kindle Worlds` opening class – and the author`s first sting in writing Fanfiction. She sees Kindle Worlds as a shoo-in for a fanfiction community for which she has little time to find „the secret trap”. „I just decided it would be Nan`s country and I would make my own rules,” she says. Nancy`s mother may not be a fan of Zack`s new life as Bono Wannabe, but the 99-cent story sold well on Kindle Worlds, a fanfiction publishing platform launched by Amazon in May. Boosted by the success of 50 Shades of Gray (which began as a Twilight fanfiction and sold 70 million copies), Amazon has acquired the rights to several high-level „worlds” or to the people and places that can be seen in a TV show or a novel story. The worlds so far granted by Amazon include Warner Brothers` Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries. The company`s hope? To erase the next e-book phenomenon. Rebecca Tushnet, a member of the Legal Committee of the Organization for Transformative Works, a non-commercial online fanfiction archive, is skeptical of Kindle Worlds. „Amazon is experimenting, and the good thing about not paying for advances is that there`s not a lot of overload,” she says. Groups like OTW are trying to exploit Amazon`s genre. „This is just another business model that represents another type of mechanical Turkishization in the world of literature,” says Tushnet. Some authors have said that they wrote fan fiction before being published, or that they are pro-fan fictions.

Naomi Novik mentioned writing fanfic for TV series and movies[61] and said she would be delighted to know that fans have written Fanfic for her series (although she also said she would be careful not to read anything); Anne McCaffrey authorized fan fiction, but had a rule page[62] which she expected her fans to follow; Anne Harris said, „I live for the day when my characters will be scratched”; [63] Tamora Pierce stated on her website that she began writing Lord of the Rings and Star Trek Fanfiction and that she had no problem with fanfiction based on their works, provided they were non-profit. Author Cassandra Clare was a popular Harry Potter fanfiction author before publishing her first novel. The authors of fanfiction, however, generally do not intend to deceive the consuming public about the source of the work, and often contain prominent disclaimers at the beginning of their works, who have said that the works are not the products of the original creators, both to honor the original creator and to avoid possible confusions with respect to the source.

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