Ontario Quebec Electricity Agreement

Since 2013, Ontario has already imported most of the electricity secured by ETA. The new agreement will also allow Ontario to maintain up to 500 gigawatt hours of electricity behind Quebec dams in a so-called „pump tank” system that will allow the province to reduce excess production. FAO estimates that the electricity purchase component of ETA will cost taxpayers $187 million and the electrical system component will save $99 million. These estimates are based on the assumption that ETA-guaranteed imports will supplant natural gas production. The seven-year pact – the province`s $70 million bailout – will have only a „small” influence on household electricity prices, but will reduce 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, a senior Ontario official said Thursday. [5] IESO. „Ontario-Québec Capability Interconnection: A Technical Review.” May 2017. Bicycle cycling electricity of 0.3 TWh is calculated as the difference between the IESO estimate for all electricity guaranteed by ETA, i.e. 2.3 TWh minus the 2 TWh of guaranteed imports under the „electricity purchases” component of ETA. Hydro Quebec has power lines running around Ontario near Ottawa and has raised the water level behind several levees to provide 500 gigawatt hours of electricity on demand. This appendix contains additional details on electricity pricing in Ontario. There are two main elements for the price of electricity paid by Ontario taxpayers, the market price and the overall adjustment.

FAO estimates that between 2017 and 2023, ETA will reduce the cost of electricity paid by Ontario taxpayers by $38 million, which consists of the following components: Overall, FAO estimates that all three components of ETA will save Ontario taxpayers $38 million in net savings between 2017 and 2023. IESO informed FAO that ETA was negotiated as a group agreement and that the various elements of ETA could not have been carried out independently. Given this assumption, the aforementioned market costs of the „electricity purchases” component of ETA appear to be more than proportionate, as they are more than offset by savings on the electrical system components and ETA capacity sales.

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