Freedom Scientific End User License Agreement

If all 10 (10) JAWS are used for Windows Enterprise licenses, you`ll see an error message asking you that no other licenses are available. You can try later if a license is available. It also gives you the ability to run JAWS as a 40-minute demonstration There is a simple problem bypass for this problem: Use NVDA to perform your tests. NVDA is more compatible with the standards and different accessibility APIs used in Windows, so the results of your tests more accurately reflect how your code is compatible with the standards. This may mean that JAWS users have a less enjoyable experience, as the tests do not take into account any of the more advanced techniques used in JAWS to bypass poor accessibility, but you can use NVDA for free, forever. If you`re working on a web project, you can also test on a Macintosh or iOS product, where VoiceOver, the Apple screen reader, is delivered to anyone who buys an Apple device at no extra cost. Even Android, a system that any normal reader of this blog would know that I do not like in this place, can be used to test your web-based projects with the FireFox browser (Chrome is too faulty as it provides information on accessibility, so it`s a bad test tool). The licensee makes available to the licensee the program that the licensee has downloaded, received in a package containing this LUME or obtained by any other means authorized for use by the taker in accordance with the terms of this ECJ. If the taker is an end user who is an employee or contractor of a licensee of the organization, the use of the program by the licensee is also subject to the conditions of the respective organisational license between the licensee and the licensee. The terms and conditions applicable to end-users in the respective organisational license are inserted into this CAU by reference.

Subject to the conditions of this A LAE and the provisions of Section 2.2, which apply to the licensee`s edition, the licensee grants the licensee a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded license to use the program as an end user for each validity period. All provisions of this ECJ, with the exception of Section 2.2, apply to all licences. Since the licensee makes the program available in various editions, described in more detail in section 2.2 below, only the provisions of Section 2.2 apply to the respective edition of the licensee.

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