Facebook Policy Agreement

These come from Facebook`s data policy, which is included in its terms of use as a link to a separate page. So can we simply choose not to customize and agree to receive annoying, generalized, non-specific ads? Not such a joy, according to Josephine Wolff, assistant professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology. „It doesn`t matter if you want to see ads tailored to you, they`re interested in being able to sell these ads at higher prices by offering their ad buyers certain demographic audiences,” she said. If you explain this to a 13-year-old, you will notice that the deal is commercial: the more you and billions of others are connected to Facebook, the more money Facebook makes by selling your personal data and the more powerful it becomes. Too much power, concentrated everywhere – politics, economics, philanthropy – often ends badly. This specific section of Facebook`s usage data contains agreements about who can or cannot use Facebook and what things you can and can`t do on the platform. 6. Facebook can also collect information from your devices, including your photos and GPS location. 3. Facebook wants to help you connect with people and organizations you care about. Even if you manage your advertising and data settings, it limits the information you receive outside the games. Facebook still has access. Understanding each party individually and then understanding how they work together is not easy or easy for anyone.

And the company`s privacy and data policies may not provide the level of protection you want for your content. The technological landscape is changing rapidly. European citizens will soon have new rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, which will come into force on 25 May (Paywall). The rules can force companies that collect customer information to obtain clear consumer agreement on sharing their data and can increase the potential for actual removal of information from websites and servers. Penalties for non-compliance with these standards can be as high as 20 million euros, or 4% of a company`s annual turnover (depending on the highest value). It is still being developed, but Europe`s initiative could shape future regulations and policies. Facebook begins its terms of use with a very important restriction (highlighting ours): 2. Changing your privacy and advertising settings will not prevent Facebook from collecting your data. We live in a world where the concept of privacy already seems outdated. But that`s mainly because we`ve decided not to find out what`s going on if we act out of convenience. The clarity of Facebook`s terms of use, as well as updates from other Twitter technology companies to LinkedIn, is a marked improvement over previous iterations.

But adults have a responsibility to help children understand how they can protect themselves. History will tell us how much the world has already given in to Silicon Valley. Do your part to get your child attached to what they can. We`ve compiled a breakdown of Facebook`s new terms of use, including its privacy and data policies, to help you translate it for your teen – or any other that might use a little clarification. Whether you`re using a computer, smartphone, tablet or other Internet-connected device, Facebook collects information about these devices, including battery, signal power, available space, browser type, name and file types, and plugins….

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