Eu Aviation Agreements With Third Countries

Commission decision on the approval of standard inclusion clauses in bilateral air services agreements between Member States and third countries, jointly defined by the Commission and Member States. In all cases, the negotiations at EU level aim to bring significant added value to bilateral agreements, providing a comprehensive legal framework for improving trade opportunities for the benefit of industry and its users (passengers and freight shippers). On 20 December, the EU Council adopted the EU`s foreign policy proposal on air transport. The Council`s decision is seen as a guide for an EC`s proposed EU law on aviation foreign policy. In particular, the Council concluded: EU – United Arab Emirates: the EU and the United Arab Emirates signed a horizontal air services agreement on 30 November 2007 allowing EU air carriers to fly between the UAE and each EU member state. The agreement allows any EU airline to fly between the UNITED Arab Emirates and each EU member state in which it is established and in which there is a bilateral agreement with the United Arab Emirates and traffic rights. In 2016, the European Commission was mandated to negotiate a comprehensive EU-wide air services agreement with the United Arab Emirates. The agreements negotiated by the European Commission on behalf of the EU and its Member States are not limited to so-called `open skies` models which lead to simple market opening: the EU model also aims to introduce a process of liberalisation of airline ownership and to establish a process of regulatory convergence on safety and environmental competition – the protection of people , work, etc. – which could not be achieved at the national level.

Some traditions of international air transport regulation dating back to 1944 were contrary to the principles of the internal aviation market in Europe. While traditionally any international airline should have a particular nationality, the EU has developed a single market in recent decades in which eu member states can invest, create and control licensed airlines in another EU Member State.

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