Econet Premium Package Agreement Form

1 GENERAL CLAUSESIn this agreement, the following terms, unless the context contains a clear answer, contain similar meanings and expressions attributed to them:1.1 Bank means STEWARD BANK Limited of 2nd Floor, 101 Union Avenue Building, 101 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Harare or any of its branches in Zimbabwe. The packages of financed devices are jointly managed by ECONET and the Bank. Similarly, all non-nanced packages are managed only by ECONET.1.2 Connection fees, call fees and all other costs related to the provision of network services, SIM cards and all other services described by ECONET and which they charge the subscriber as described in the Tari calendar, what can be changed based on regulatory policies or changes that are adopted from time to time.1.3 Connection fees are the fees that ECONET charges the subscriber in return for activating the subscriber`s SIM card.1.4 Device means the gadget used by the subscriber to access network services. This includes, but is not limited to mobile phones, lap tops and/or tablets. This device is purchased by the subscriber through a loan from the bank. 1.5 THE GSM means global mobile communications system, as provided for in the Specification Structure of the European Institute.1.6 ICC means that the International Card Congress is a unique identity number for each SIM card.1.7 Monthly service charges that ECONET collects in return for subscriber access and use of SIM card and network services. 1.8 ECONET stands for ECONET Wireless (PRIVATE) Limited, by Econet Park, No 2 Old Mutare Road, Msasa, P.O Box BE 1298 Belvedere, Harare, Zimbabwe. Tel: `263-4-486121/4,4, Fax: `263-486120.1.9 MSISDN means mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Directory Number(otherwise known as mobile phone number). 1.11 Gsm network services made available to the subscriber by Econet or another licensed mobile operator in Zimbabwe.1.12 The order is an order placed by the participant at Econet for the supply and/or installation of terminals; SIM and/or Network Services.1.13 Tari Schedule means: that the schedule on which the fees charged by ECONET are recorded, in the modified version from time to time, Tari`s schedule is at the request of Econet.1.14 parts means Econet , refers the bank and subscrib.1.15 Package Monthly Airtime Allocation/s on variants of the Premium Econets product/service a) of the broadcast time, is assigned to the subscriber per month and for the duration of the contract, in accordance with the contract package chosen by the subscriber, which he then uses for voice calls, SMS and/or assigned data and/or b) the device.

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