Driving Instructor Franchise Agreement

Carcaptain Auto-School has a self-school franchise solution to fit your bag. Our car-school franchise is tailor-made for each driving instructor and its requirements. This franchise can be developed from regular lessons to the point where it is a full-throttle auto-school with instructors regulated under its franchise. Our goal is to manage the auto-school franchisee and help him develop his business for his own benefit. Enjoy more freedom with us and you can earn a lot more than with any other national auto-school franchise like AA, BSM or Red, etc. If you have followed our unique approach to commercial success (see the elements of the 1-5 franchise), we could almost guarantee that you are too busy very quickly (as are 95% of our members) and that you are thus able to increase your teaching prices and avoid the office`s discounted work. And for any increase in the $1 education rate, you could generate an additional $2,000 $US for your final result (this increase alone would almost pay off for the deductible). If you need to cancel or reschedule Parts 2 or 3, you must make it available to your course manager at least 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, the duration of the reserved lesson will be lost from the number of hours remaining.

N.B this product is delivered by email Buy both the franchise agreement and terms and conditions and save 5 euros – click here Put it out there. Let the teachers know that you want someone to join your school. Leave it in sight on your car, on your website and use social media. The intensive course stream is aimed at those who wish to qualify as certified driving instructors as soon as possible and takes place in our defined training centres across the country and at our head office in Yorkshire. If you have opted for the intensive course stream, please read the conditions applicable to you in this paragraph 6. The reason why the incomes of other auto-schools are much lower is that the much higher deductible fees and/or the costs of generating students only get worse if their education rates are also lower than you could earn with LDCs. Of course, if you use your own car, this difference is even greater and you would increase your potential income by an additional $1,000 a year or more than those shown in the above example with LDC. Join the Pass Driving Instructor team with this franchise package: The purpose of our instructor training is to enable you to become a professional driving instructor.

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