Cota Agreement

Shauna Wright, Unite`s regional industry manager, said: „Unite Scotland is pleased that all COTA companies in the North Sea have decided to implement the Furlough public retention system that we have championed across the offshore sector. The agreement will alleviate fear and fear for hundreds of our members who provide food and ancillary services abroad because their jobs are secure, and it will also reduce the financial hardship that a layoff situation would entail at that time. Shauna Wright, Unite`s regional industry manager, said: „Unite would like to take this opportunity to welcome Conntrak Catering to the cota agreement and look forward to working with them in the future. The COTA agreement now covers seven companies in the North Sea foodservice sector. This is good news at this difficult time and this announcement is welcomed by our offshore members. It is hoped that this will increase career prospects in this sector and increase the demand for these skills. Last week, Unite welcomed a similar agreement for some 7,000 workers who are part of the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) in the UK. „This agreement with COTA is a great asset not only for our two companies, but also for oncology suppliers and researchers,” said Corey Zankowski, Senior Vice President, Oncology Software Solutions. „We believe that proprietary technology, advanced COTA analysis and global expertise in the organization of complex data will be an important step towards achieving Intelligent Cancer Care`s goals,” said Zankowski. As part of the agreement, Varian will provide clients with access to COTA`s oncology analysis and processing services, which will aggregate fragmented and often incomplete data from electronic health registries (EHRs) to achieve meaningful results.

At the same time, COTA Varian will help develop better intelligent cancer treatment tools™ decision-making tools using practical evidence. Unite Scotland today (3 April) welcomed Conntrak to participate in the offshore catering agreement, which includes about 2,750 workers.

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