Cogent Service Level Agreement

All ORION Nebula services are provided via the ORION network, so there is no connectivity, WAN service or additional teleportation. Accessed services via your existing ORION connection. If you`re an ISP, Cogent`s IP Transit service connects you and your end-users to the most popular content and app providers on the Internet, only a distance away! Your customers will appreciate access to low latency access to what the Internet has to offer. Cogent is a multinational tier Internet service provider that is still one of the top five networks in the world. The main service offering consists of Internet access and data transport, which is offered via our award-winning fiber optic IP data network, as well as the Colocation in one of our 43 data centers. Cogent provides IP Transit connectivity to thousands of businesses around the world. Whether you`re a content provider or a carrier/ISP, Cogent bandwidth is the right choice. We offer more service locations than any other pet carrier 1 and excellent connectivity to important access and content networks around the world. Powered by one of the most interconnected networks, Cogent offers reliable, scalable and affordable bandwidth. Our service is supported by local service centres and a top-level service. ORION`s rigorous partner selection process ensures that each service provider is technically, financially and commercially controlled so that ORION can deliver the best customer experience. Each service provider must have a proven track record and demonstrate successful implementations of the size, volume and quality that ORION customers need. Every Nebula service offer is easy to understand, buy and implement.

PERFORMANCE ORION can guarantee the provision of services via the dedicated and private ORION network, which means that customer traffic does not pass through the Internet. ORION`s high-performance network serves as the backbone on which ORION Nebula passes, which can easily be scaled at speeds of up to 100 Gbps. Each ORION Nebula partner provides ALS covering all aspects of the service, including performance measurement, problem management, customer obligations, warranties, disaster recovery and contract termination. All ORION Nebula services are hosted in Canada and delivered from Canada. No data is stored in the United States or beyond the U.S. border. In November 2015, CenturyLink signed a new long-term bilateral interconnection agreement with Cogent Communications. [24] We offer the best ALS (Service Level Agreement) that meets your requirements.

Our IP Transit service runs through Cogent`s Tier 1 optical IP network, which is one of the largest of its kind. Cogent operates AS174, an autonomous historical Internet system. The Cogent network is directly connected to more than 6,660 other networks worldwide.

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