Arena Football League Collective Bargaining Agreement

The AFL had its own Hall of Fame, made up of players, coaches and contributors who significantly influenced the league. The AFL Hall of Fame existed only to honour various AFL partners. This was the highest honour awarded to all AFL employees. It had no physical location and existed only as a list of players and contributors managed by the league itself. In a ruling last week by referee Stephen Burbank, the NFL was hit hard with a decision directed directly into its pockets. The NFL Players Association recently announced that the league must transfer more than $120 million (U.S.) to the league`s revenue pool and the union share of its players. The arbitrator found that the NFL had „mismaned” $50 million in revenue per year, which would otherwise have been paid to players. The order comes after the players` association encountered the problem… In October 2008, Tom Benson announced that New Orleans VooDoo would cease operations and would be „due to the circumstances that are currently affecting the league and the team.” [14] Shortly thereafter, an article in the Sport Business Journal reported that the AFL had reached an interim agreement to sell a $100 million interest in Platinum Equity; In return, Platinum Equity would create a centralized business model that would streamline the way the league and team operate and allow the league to be more profitable. Benson`s move to close VooDoo came during the Platinum Equity conference, leading to speculation that he had resigned because of the deal. [15] Some fans of the arena have speculated that Philadelphia`s soul color commentator Coffee Jones tweeted this Tuesday: On Saturday, July 23, 1989, much of America learned from the AFL for an unintentional reason, when Pittsburgh Players head coach, Joe Haering, made football history by Commissioner Jim Foster during a game with the Chicago Brus. [11] The national media ran with the story, including a photo to USA Today.

The match was played between the two teams at Sacramento arCO Arena as part of the AFL `Barnstorming America` tour. Foster had gone on the field to referee an altercation between the two teams when Haering, a former NFL assistant, punched him in the jaw. Haering was suspended without payment. [11] After the season, League Commissioner Randall Boe announced the closure of all six teams in the league. The closure comes because the League was reassessing its business model and reacting to a complaint filed against the League by the former workers` compensation mutual. Boe also explained that they had not made the decision at this stage to suspend operations for the entire league (which nullified the possibility that the League would do so in the event of the League`s return under a Touring model similar to the Premier Lacrosse League or BIG3 basketball) and that a decision on the future of the league would most likely be announced in late 2019. [74] On March 27, 2018, the AFL announced that Commissioner Scott Butera would be replaced by former AOL lawyer Randall Boe before the 2018 season. [66] The AFL also collaborated with DraftKings to bring back AFL Fantasy Football.

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