Aer Lingus Baggage Agreement

We have baggage agreements with the following airlines: Additional baggage for all luggage weighing 23 kg-32 kg (50lbs-70lbs) is charged at EUR 75, GBP 68, USD 100. So I have two airlines bound for Tangier Morocco. I fly Aer Lingus from JFK to Dublin, then to Madrid. I have to take an Iberia flight to Morocco. Does anyone know if Aer Lingus and Iberia have an infill agreement, so I don`t have to check my luggage, because my pitch in Madrid only lasts about 1.5 hours? You can get a discount online and book bags for all applicable itineraries once your booking is made If you have booked through a travel agency, please contact them directly to share your booking with a piece of luggage. From what I see, they have a full interline agreement. If you have added checked baggage to your booking, but arrive with more than your personal baggage, you will be charged for additional baggage. The extra baggage costs 10 euros per kilo.

Additional baggage or hold weights allowed depending on the type of fare are charged for additional baggage. Here air lingus interline agreements with other airlines, if your trip is any ticket should not be a problem. If your Iberia flight is on a separate ticket, it appears that Air Lingus will not check baggage throughout the journey. Click on the link below for information directly from the Air Lingus website. Once there is, click on the interline agreements of other airlines. The amount of baggage for these routes is subject to the allowances shown on your ticket. Please contact your local booking office for more information if you are not sure that you have the required baggage quantities. If you decide not to book checked baggage in advance and arrive at the airport with luggage at the airport, you will be charged the first 20 kg of free baggage per customer, then each additional kilo per kilo. There are three checked baggage on flights inside Europe Add bags via our app, after making your reservation, is currently unavailable, but soon.

Elite and elite miles are based on a percentage of stolen miles. This issue has been closed to new positions due to inactivity. We hope you will join the conversation by posting on an open topic or launching a new topic. On transatlantic flights, three checked bags are available for purchase. Smart and Flex fares already include a 23kg (50lb) bag per customer. However, keep in mind that Interline services are only a „right” if all sectors are booked on one ticket and not two or more. . Flights must be located in the authorized flight number area below and your flight must be marketed and operated by Aer Lingus.

Codeshare flights marketed by Aer Lingus and operated by another airline are not allowed to collect miles. Premium Aer Lingus flights booked in the aforementioned fare categories are not allowed to collect elite qualifying miles or segments. Fly with Aer Lingus to Ireland and Europe and earn miles. Call Aer Lingus at 1-800-474-7424 or visit Aer Lingus Customer Service Day. We will delete messages that do not comply with our booking policies and reserve the right to delete contributions for any reason. Larger bag for if you need a little more space and weight. Collect a minimum of 500 miles on flights less than 500 miles. For service classes that are not mentioned above, there are no miles collected. To guarantee flight credit, the airline`s double-digit code (EI) must be preceded by the flight number (z.B. EI XXXX) on your ticket or boarding pass.

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